One year of blogging

Thoughts on my first year of blogging

Today (28 January) marks the first anniversary of emmaonline. I wasn’t going to write a post but keeping this site going for a year is an achievement I think so I’ve jotted down a few thoughts on my first year of blogging.

I say it’s emmaonline’s first anniversary but that’s not strictly true. I actually bought the domain name back in 2000. I always planned to set up a site (I still have the site wireframes I drew when I was backpacking 15 years ago) but never had the courage or confidence to actually set it up. Over the years I’ve often thought I should have done something but life got in the way and I never got round to it. How I regret that now :o)

Better late than never

I can’t even remember now what made me finally take the plunge. My job changed slightly so I was doing less writing and I was keen to somehow keep writing. I had a few trips planned so I thought it would encourage me to keep a record of things I’d done. I was also looking for a reason to travel more. I’ve travelled solo a lot in the past and generally enjoy it but for some reason, I’ve not been too keen on solo trips recently. So the travels stopped for a while.

I published my first post on 28 January. And then ran away…seriously is it me or is hitting that publish button the best and worst feeling all at the same time?

The good bits

Over the last 12 months I’ve discovered one of the best things about joining the blogging world is the supportive community and having the opportunity to meet some great people. My first travel event was the Sandals travel blogger workshop. I thought it was beginners type thing but when I arrived I felt totally out of my depth, everyone seemed to be fairly well established and knew each other. However, those I spoke to (once I got over my nerves) put me at ease pretty quickly and it turned out to be great night and a real insight into the world of travel blogging. A quick shout out here for the lovely Twins That Travel and Jasmine from The Life of a Social Butterfly.

In October I attended the Make Traffic Happen workshop (which has been the best investment in my blog so far). Having been to many conferences and workshops over the years this was the first one where I’ve never looked at the clock to see if the day was almost over. That should show how good it was. I learnt so much (lots to still put in practice) and everyone was so friendly and supportive. A really great day.

Another good thing about starting this blog is that it’s made me prioritise my travel plans (though my wish list has doubled!) and given me even more incentive to get out and see the world. It’s all too easy to let life get in the way (or in my case lots of gigs too) and sometimes that’s been at the expense of going places.

It’s also made think more about what is on my doorstep so I’m planning to get out exploring bits of London and Essex this year. Something I probably would never done if not for this blog.

Finally, it’s reignited my interest in photography.  I really need to up my game image-wise (you’ve seen some of them right?) so I finally booked on a photography course I always promised myself I’d do one day. So will be trying to put a lot of that into action on my trips this year.

The bad bits

Although there have been many great things over the last year there’s always a flip side.

Having had 20 or so years experience in communications and digital channels I thought it would be fairly straightforward to get blogging. With hindsight that was the easy bit. Keeping it going is the hard bit. There is so much to learn and always something to work on. It’s like having a second job at times. An enjoyable one that I’ve chosen to do but it’s an never ending workload.

Finding my voice has also been a challenge. I didn’t really anticipate how big an issue lack of confidence was going to be. Putting myself out there is definitely not something that comes naturally to me. It’s crippling at times, to the point where I put off writing or publishing a post. My procrastination skills are next level. Hence why there hasn’t been as much content over the last 12 months as I had planned.

With seemingly everyone blogging these days, it’s very oversaturated and difficult to find a place. I feel like I’m twice the age of most travel bloggers. No floaty dresses or looking into the distance insta shots here. Those gals are great though and create some amazing content but that’s not me. That said I believe there is room for everyone. I’m discovering more and more travel bloggers in my age range with great stories to tell so I’m taking that as inspiration to carry on and try to find my own spot.

The future

So what’s next for emmaonline? Well, I’ve just paid for another year’s hosting so I’m definitely going to carry on. I’ve got a few trips and a ridiculous amount of gigs (why is everyone touring at the same time?) lined up this year which should give me lots of things to write about. There is a rough content plan for the next few months and lots of tech and design things to learn/sort out so it’s going to be busy.

Thanks for reading and let’s see what the next 12 months bring.

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One thought on “One year of blogging

  1. Joachim Haberer says:

    Why is everyone touring at the same time?
    One announcement after the other, I asked myself the same. I would like to see Billy Joel again, but his Wembley date clashes with TT in Copenhagen. Others I would like to see clash with other TT dates.
    And all of them clash with my credit card limit… 🙁
    That’s very unfortunate and I also have no answer to that riddle…
    I like your blog a lot, keep going! 🙂

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