A little bit about emmaonline

I set up emmaonline to share my passion for travel and show it is possible to balance a career and seeing the world. Most of aren’t in a position to chuck it all in and travel the world (and maybe don’t want to). But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to see the world.

So, this site aims to show how you can make the most of your time off. From affordable long-haul trips – yes it is possible to see some of Australia in just two weeks – to short city breaks I hope I can help inspire you to get out there and explore.

A little bit about me

Emma overlooking Sydney Harbour

I’ve had the travel bug as long as I can remember. One of my first travel memories is being at primary school and receiving a letter about a school trip (a Mediterranean cruise if I remember correctly). I ran all the way home with the letter only to be devastated the next day when it turned out the letter had been given to the wrong year.

So I guess that was the start of my travel bug.

At first, it was just city breaks and maximising my 25 days of leave each year. Then the wanderlust got too much so I escaped the 9-5 for a bit and backpacked around Australia and New Zealand.

Since then, it has been back to squeezing the most out my leave and seeing as much of this planet as possible. Even on limited time I’ve managed a few trips back to Asia, Australia and New Zealand visited new places such as the USA and continued to explore Europe (handy when it’s on your doorstep).

Lately, my trips have been to see one of my favourite bands play in various cities around the world. Most of my trips have been as a solo traveller and the worst thing is often what to do of an evening. Particularly as my trips have been upgraded from hostels to hotels these days where it’s much harder to meet people. Combining two of my favourite things is a great way to see the world!


Favourite Country: Australia

Favourite Cities: Sydney, Copenhagen, Washington

Favourite travel experiences: New Year’s Eve in Sydney, dolphin and whale watching