British Summer Time Festival 2024, Hyde Park

If you are looking for a great day out in London, fabulous music and an easy journey home (or back to your hotel) then the British Summer Time Festival is for you.

There is nothing quite like an outdoor gig but if you are anything like me the thought of muddy fields, camping and no hairdryers or straighteners for a few days usually rules out most of the summer festivals.

Thankfully, British Summer Time came along with a festival experience without the fear of losing your tent or bad hair days.

What is the British Summer Time Festival?

British Summer Time (or BST as its often known as) is a series of concerts in Hyde Park each summer.

Held over two weekends, the festival features some of the world’s biggest acts playing in the heart of London in one of the world’s most famous parks.

Around 65,000 fans descend for a day of music in one of London’s most famous parks.

The first act is usually on stage around 2pm and the show finishes around 10.30-11.00pm.

Artists and bands that have performed at BST including Take That, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, The Killers, Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons and Stevie Wonder.

Looking over crowd with three people sitting on shoulders above crowd

British Summer Time Festival 2024 Line Up

Sunday 30 June

Kings of Leon
Paolo Nutini
The Vaccines

Friday 5 July

Andrea Bocelli

Saturday 6 July

Robbie Williams

Sunday 7 July

Shania Twain
The Corrs

Saturday 13 July

Kylie Minogue

Sunday 14 July

Stray Kids

British Summer Time Tickets: How to get tickets for BST

Its always fun trying to get get tickets for Hyde Park gigs. Thankfully, tickets are available from a couple of the big ticket agencies so you have a few options to try.

The event sponsor (currently American Express) often has ticket pre sale for customers so you buy in advance of the general sale. They usually go on sale an hour after the show is announced.

Read more: Guide to buying tickets online

Ticket types

This is where it gets a little complicated with a number of different ticket choices (and prices).

The venue is fully standing apart from one grandstand. The arena is split into sections with each area a different price. In general the closer to the stage you want to be the more you’ll have to pay.

So before the ticket on sale it’s worth having a think about what you are prepared to pay. Are you just looking to have a great day out with your friends? Or do you want to get as close to the front as possible?

Once you have decided that it makes the ticket buying process much easier.

General Admission (GA)

The cheapest tickets at BST are general admission ones. These tickets get you into the main arena and you can choose where to sit/stand. You also have access to all the food and drink concessions around the edge of the main arena area.

However you won’t be able to get close to the stage as the general admission section is behind the Diamond Circle and Gold Circle.

So you can still have a great day, just be prepared to watch most the show on the giant screens. My view of Take That at Hyde Park in 2015 (photo below) illustrates that!

There is primary entry option which gets you early access to the site – one hour before the main gates open- so if you are looking to get to the front of the General Admission area, this could be an option. However, keep in mind you will still be quite far back.

Viewing Platform (main stage)

For wheelchair users and those with disabilities that the group level viewing area is not suitable for there is a viewing platform at the main stage. Tickets are sold in pairs and include a free Personal Assistant pass.

Ground Level viewing area

For festival goers with a disability there is a hard standing area which can be used if you would like to stand but prefer a less crowded area or the option of sitting down at times.

Gold Circle

These tickets get you nearer the stage with an exclusive standing area in front of the main arena but usually behind the Diamond Circle. You can also move between the Gold Circle and general admission section (handy if some of your friends don’t want to cough up for Gold Circle ticket)

With a dedicated entrance you can avoid most of the queues and get into the venue fairly quickly. Sometimes these tickets allow early access into the venue, usually an hour before the main gates open to General Admission ticket holders.

You have access to all the bars, food stands and toilets in the main arena.

In recent years there has also been a Gold VIP Hideaway which gives you access to an exclusive area with seating, private bar and separately toilet facilities.

Are the golden circle tickets worth it? Yes and no. It does get you closer to the stage but depending on the layout for the particular show you are going to, you still might be some way back from the stage. That said, it will be a better view than being in the main General Admission crowd so you may feel that is worth the extra cost.

Diamond Circle

Note: Not all shows have a Diamond Circle.

With the Diamond Circle viewing area directly in front of the stage, these are the tickets you might want to consider if your favourite artist or band is playing.

As well as being right in the action in front of the stage, you have access to the Summer Garden. At the side of the main area, this exclusive area has a lot of seating, more bars and food stands and a better quality of toilet facilities (and with less queues)

You can move between the viewing area and summer garden as often as you wish. So you don’t have to worry about spending hours in one spot desperate for the loo. You can also head into to the main area and use the bars, food stands and amenities there.

There is a dedicated entrance for Diamond Circle ticket holders, which opens an hour before the main entrance opens to the General Admission customers.

For 2023, there was also a Diamond VIP Hideaway which offers tickets holders another exclusive area with more seating and a private bar.

However, these are the most expensive tickets so there is a cost to all that exclusivity and the chance to be right at the front.

I bought the Diamond Circle for the first time in 2019 for Robbie Williams. I spent six months moaning about spending so much for a ticket only to declare it money well spent after the show.

Having spent many other shows there in general admission hardly being able to see the stage and spending half the day queuing for drinks or the toilets, avoiding all that was well worth the cost of the ticket.

It was so much nicer being able to relax in the summer garden, go into the main arena just to see the acts you wanted to see and actually be able to see the stage and not watch the show on the screens.

Robbie Williams on stage

On the flip side of this, I did same for Take That in 2023. Unfortunately this experience was not the same.

A runway out to a B stage split the Diamond and Gold sections, so each faced onto one half of the stage. The gold circle also fanned out around the front of the B stage and across the width of the arena giving that area much better sightlines to the stage.

Shortly before Take That were due on stage there was a surge of people into the Diamond Circle, many of them pushing through to get close to the stage. It became very crowded with little room to move or even see anything.

I popped out to the summer garden during the show and walking through the crowd and into the garden, it felt like the space wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone.

I ended up being pinned in at the back of the section with a very poor view. I couldn’t tell you if the show was any good because I couldn’t really see any of it. All I can say is that it sounded good.

All in all it wasn’t a very ‘Diamond’ experience.

I’d actually go as far as saying it was one of the worst concert experiences I have had and certainly wasn’t worth the cost of the ticket.

So, it can be a bit hit and miss when splashing out on these tickets. Depending on the layout and the artists fanbase it can either be a great experience or a poor one.

Which doesn’t really help when deciding what tickets to buy. However, it is something to bear in mind so you can hopefully avoid any disappointment on the day.

American Express Summer Garden 

Buying a ticket with access to the summer garden gives you the opportunity to avoid the bulk of the crowds. It also makes it much easier to get a drink & go to the loo throughout the day. And trust me it’s a long day.

As well as an exclusive area with seating, bars and food outlets, there is a dedicated entrance which opens hour before the main gates.

Possibly it’s best selling point (other than being able to get close to the stage) is that you get a better quality toilet in here. With little to no queues.

So if you are not a fan of festival toilets you might want to think about upgrading your ticket.

The ALL Terrace – Accor Live Limitless

The Great British summer can be a bit hit & miss weather wise. Going to an outdoor concert like this you need to be prepared for the chance of a shower (or even a downpour).

If the rain really isn’t your thing there is a partially covered tiered grandstand where you can sit and watch the show from. Here, you’ll be able to avoid the worst of the weather and get a great view of the stage.

You’ll also have access to the summer garden so you get the best of both worlds. Again, there is a dedicated entrance for this area which gives access to the site an hour before the general admission ticket holders.

VIP / Hospitality Tickets

If you really want to make the day special you can splash out on a hospitality package.  

These offers are often a bit pricey but you get pre show hospitality including food & drinks in a nearby hotel. 

Show and hotel packages 

If you are travelling down from outside London it’s worth considering a ticket & hotel experience. 

You book it in one go usually with a choice of nearby hotels and ticket options. 

Festival Tips

Having been to BST Hyde Park a few times, and learnt the hard way what to do and what not to do, here are some tips to help you have the best experience on the day.

  • Take an empty water bottle with you. There are free drinking water refill points dotted around the site.
  • Take a blanket in with you. Unless you have a grandstand ticket you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down on the grass.
  • Don’t worry about taking lots of cash with you, the bars and food concessions take contactless payment.
  • You can’t take any food in (except baby food). You won’t starve though, in fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the (slightly overpriced) different food concessions
  • Be prepared for all weathers. There is no shade so don’t forget your sunscreen if it’s a hot day. Pack a rain coat if the forecast is wet.
  • Don’t panic if you lose your friends. There is an official meeting point inside the welfare tent. So, before going in, arrange with your friends that if anyone gets lost (and trust me, someone is bound to) that is the place to head too.
  • Don’t be surprised if you can’t use your phone. The phone signal isn’t always that great in there. 65,000 people all trying to insta or Tik Tok that shot of the main act is bound to put a strain on the network.
  • Take a spare phone battery. It’s a long day and even if you are at the back you’ll probably end up taking lots of photos. Nothing more annoying if you battery has run out before the main act or on the way home.
  • Have a great time!

How to get to Hyde Park 

Getting to Hyde Park couldn’t be easier. The park is right in the middle of Central London. The concert venue is on the east side of Hyde Park (along Park Lane) and is well connected to public transport.

Nearest tube stations are

  • Marble Arch 
  • Hyde Park Corner 
  • Knightsbridge 
  • Bond Street 
  • Green Park 

If you have a general admission ticket, the main entrance is usually the Marble Arch end.

For the summer garden entrance, Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Corner are best.

After the show it’s pretty crowded with everyone heading home. Try to avoid the nearer stations and walk a stop or two down the line. There are usually no queues to get in those stations and easier to get on a tube. 

I’ve headed to Bond Street, Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus in the past and been able to jump on a tube fairly quickly. 

You can also reach Hyde Park easily by bus. There are stops along Park Lane, Knightsbridge and Oxford Street. Just keep in mind there may be some road closures after the show so you might need to walk outside the immediate area to pickup a bus.

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95 thoughts on “British Summer Time Festival 2024, Hyde Park

  1. Sophia says:

    Hi Emma! Thank you for the information! I just wanted to know how early do you need to arrive to be at the front for a supporting act – quite famous?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Sophia, depends on who it is (and what their fans are like) but I’d say early as you can. Enjoy the show. Emma

  2. Kirsty says:

    Hi Emma, great post! , I am going to see take that with my mom and sister we have golden circle tickets, however since buying the tickets I would really like my 6 yr old daughter to come with us.
    Do you know if I would need to get a golden circle ticket for her or if she could just join us with a general admission ticket.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Kirsty, thanks, I would think you’d need a golden circle ticket. A GA ticket doesn’t give access to that area. But worth popping over to the BST site and asking if any other options. Enjoy the show. Emma

  3. Tamsin Pearce says:

    Hi Emma,
    This is a fantastic post, thank you. My friend and I are going to see PINK this weekend , Saturday. We have the early entry but wanting to know if we need to go in at 1pm or would we be ok to go in at about 4pm? My friend is pregnant so we don’t want to be in there all day given we are unlikely to see the main stage.
    Really just looking for advice having never been to Hyde park. Many thanks

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Tamsin, I think last entry is 8.30 so you’ll be fine going about 4pm. But I’d check the line up and timings just to make sure you don’t miss any support acts you may wish to see. Enjoy the show. Think she will be amazing! Emma

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Emma need your help please. We have 4 Diamond VIP Experience tickets and 4 Gold VIP Hideaway tickets. We are only 3 couples now as a couple can’t go so we have to sell 2 tickets. Can we get into the Diamond VIP summer garden with the Gold VIP Hideaway tickets. We all want to be together and don’t know which ones to sell.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Steve, I’ve not had the VIP hideaway tickets before but looking at the BST site FAQs it looks like it has it’s own bar, toilets etc. No mention of access to the summer garden. Might be worth asking the question on the chat/have a question tool on the BST site to confirm. Enjoy the show! Emma

    • Cathryn says:

      Hiya .. no you can’t go in both..they check bands at a barrier .. we had hideaway and it’s quite a long walk round to go back to the loo /drinks etc..we’ve got diamond this year 👍

  5. Shannon says:

    This post is so helpful!
    Thanks, I’m due to go on Sunday to watch Pink at Hyde Park, my daughter is 5 months old, is it appropriate to take her with ear defenders on? We have no child care? Thanks

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Shannon, I don’t have kids so hard for me to say. But I would say probably not. Its obviously very crowded there and in this weather, very hot with little shade. I don’t know if they would even have changing facilities so it’s probably not the best idea. Maybe head over to the BST site and check their FAQ/ask via their chat function. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Emma

  6. Nancy says:

    Hi I am coming from the US to see Bruce. I tore my meniscus since I bought the tickets. Can I bring. a cane that has a seat attached ? Or is there any other accommodations ?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Nancy, I’m not sure. Probably best to head over the BST site and either check the FAQ or use their chat box to ask the question. They should be able to let you know. Enjoy the show. Emma

  7. Lisa Walters says:

    Hi, I am taking my daughter to Pink on 24th, she has disabilities and we have accessible tickets for the ground level viewing, so you know if we still need to get there early? Will there still be a que at this section and how many people are usually in it? Thanks

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Lisa, I’ve never used that section so am not sure. Perhaps head over to the BST site and use their chat to ask. They should be able to help. Enjoy the show. Emma

  8. Khin says:

    Dear Emma
    Thanks for the review.
    I’ve got gold circle tickets for Blackpink. As I’m only there for Blackpink, may I ask when is the best time to go to the venue? As I don’t live in London, I need to catch a train before 10.30pm. Do you think Blackpink will finish at that time? Thanks.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Khin, hard to say but depends how near you want to get to the front and whether you want to see any of the support acts. Show should finish around 10.30pm. Check the BST site for final timings in the run up to the show. Enjoy the show. Emma

  9. morgan says:

    Hi Emma, hope you can advise. My daughter 14 and I have GA tickets for BST Lana.. I am unsure if we can get transport home though. you appear to be very knowlagable.. do you know ehat time she may finish and how realistic it is that we can get back to Euston for an 11.30 train? thank you in advance x

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Morgan, shows should finish around 10.30pm. However, with a crowd that size it may take a little while to get out. Plus entry to some tubes may be restricted due to crowd control/management. I’d check on the day and have a couple of options in your pocket to get back to Euston. Enjoy the show. Emma

  10. Sofia Buffoni says:

    Hi! I have a primary entrance ticket but realised that I might not want to see all the supporting acts. Will my ticket still be valid if I come later and would I have to use the normal entrance?

  11. Georgia says:

    Hi, I am going to see Lana del Rey, how do you find out when the artist comes on stage and how long the show will last for, and who the support acts are?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Georgia, keep an eye on the BST socials and website. They’ll share the info when available. Enjoy the show. Emma

  12. Marianna Dapieve says:

    Hi, Emma! Amazing advice on BTS, thanks so much for it! I have a question, please: I had a surgery this year and still have some mobility issues due to it, but really wanna see Blackpink. I’m considering buying the Diamond VIP area or the All Accor Terrace. I’m feeling the terrace is a bit more confortable for my situation and it also provides access to the Summer Garden. Stage view seems nice too! Any thoughts on it? I’d would really appreciate any suggestions, thank you!!

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Marianna, I’ve not been in the All Accor Terrace so not sure what it is like there. However, I’d go for the option you feel most comfortable with (and can afford). If you have an option with the summer graden, while it does add to the cost it does give you a slightly less crowded area to hang out in. Enjoy the show.

  13. Karen Watson says:

    This is a really useful article! I have Diamond VIP tickets for Take That but I’m attending with a friend who has mobility issues. I was wondering if the stage is visible from the summer garden? Hoping my friend might be able to take a seat regularly and still be able to view the show! Thanks!

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Karen. When I went for Robbie back in 2019, we sat in the summer garden for a couple of the acts. Depending on where we sat we could just about see one of the big screens. The stage wasn’t visible though so if it is the same set up it is unlikely you’ll see the stage for here. Might be worth having a look at the BST site and seeing if they offer any mobility support. Enjoy the show. Emma

  14. Laura says:

    Hi Emma this is really helpful. Me and my daughter have GA tickets for Lana del ray. She is desperate to be as close to the front of this section as possible. Can you leave a blanket between acts in the afternoon to keep your place if you were to go for food / toilet?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Laura. Yes, that should be ok. It is worth chatting to the people sitting around you and making friends. They’ll be able to keep an eye out and save your spot. I find most people are generally happy to do that, especially if you return the favour. Enjoy the show. Emma

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Clare. I couldn’t find a definitive answer on the BST website. I think probably not but suspect that won’t stop ppl! I think the park also shuts at night. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Enjoy the show, whoever you are seeing. Emma

  15. Judy Yeung says:

    Hi Emma, thanks so much for the info! It’s really helpful! I’ve got Golden Circle tickets and I’m just wondering if there are usually queues before the gate open? Is it worth arriving earlier than gates opening to try to get near the front?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Judy, when I’ve been there usually has been queues before the gates open. Depending on how close to the front you want to be and what the fan base is like with queuing are both things to consider. Enjoy the show. Emma

  16. Emma says:

    Hi Emma your info on The Hyde Park festival is really helpful thanks! I’m taking my 13 yr old daughter to Take That- I bought Gold VIP hideaway tickets but now thinking I should have got Diamond to access the summer garden. I was thinking about somewhere more comfortable for her as it will be a long day. Should I sell my tickets and get the diamond ones?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Emma, I’ve not done the Gold VIP hideaway so not sure what is like. It says on the BST site that there is an exclusive area with a bar, seating and toilet facilities so it might be ok. The Diamond tix give you access to the summer grand, a dedicated standing area whereas the gold VIP hideaway gives you access to the gold circle. Enjoy the show. Emma

  17. Leon Nielsen says:

    Hi – thanks for a great web site, delivering info on the BST event.
    I am goin to the Billy Joel concert and having a hard time figuering out when to go to the venue, it all from start at 2 PM and end at 10 PM !
    So do you know when does Billy Joel starts his concert?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Leon, thanks for you kind comments. Timings will be confirmed nearer the show but headliners are usually on around 8pm ish. There will be a support act (possibly a few) so the show will start earlier. How early you should get there depends on how close to the front you would like to be and if you would like to see the support acts. Enjoy the show. Emma

  18. Park says:

    Hi! Thank you for this posting. I’m thinking about going to Blackpink’s performance. But I worried that it would be okay to go there alone. If I enter early and wait till Blackpink’s performance (in Gloden circle zone maybe), can I move to get some food or go toilet freely? How can I keep my place? I’m worried that I’ll stand far from the stage if I’m away the moment. Please give me some advices.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi, the best advice I can give is to make friends with the people around you. They will usually then hold your spot for you. Enjoy the show. Emma

    • Nici says:

      Hi Park, I will also attend the blackpink concert alone and purchased the Gold Circle tickets. I would love to team up with you. Feel free to dm me on Insta nici4630bo.

      • emmaonline says:

        Hi Nici, I’m not going to Black Pink. Will be recovering from the Take That the night before! Enjoy the show. Emma

  19. Kim says:

    Hello! just a curious question I hope you would be able to give me an answer. I’m purchasing a ticket for Diamond VIP experience tier 2 and they gave me like a “section DIEX2” do you have any idea if this position will be far from the stage?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Kim, the diamond area should be an area in front of the stage. The closest you can get. Keep checking the BST website in the lead up to the show and they will hopefully finalised plans. Enjoy the show.

      • Leah says:

        Hi Emma, we have the option to upgrade our GA tickets for VIP for a small amount but there is no info about what this included, do you know ? Thanks x

        • emmaonline says:

          Hi Leah. I’m not sure what would be included. Maybe pop over to the BST site, they should have some info on there. Emma

  20. Seth says:

    Hi Emma, thank you for this post, so much helpful information, I will follow you page from now on. Just a question tho, I have Gold Circle Ticket with early entry (didn’t think it through when I purchased it) but so far I am only interested in seeing P!nk (main act) what time should I be there? And will I still be able to get to the front even I come to the venue a little bit later at least before the main act? Thank you in advance.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Seth, sorry for the delay, have been travelling with limited internet access. The site map is currently showing the gold circle being in front of half the stage and behind the diamond area. I’m not sure what Pink fans are like – whether they queue etc so it depends how close to the front you want to be. if you are looking for front row then going as early as you can will give you the best chance. If you are not too worried about front row and just want to be somewhere with a good ish view then anytime should be fine. The gold circle is in front of the main the GA area so you will be in front of a large percentage of the crowd. That said from past experience the gold circle is quite large so if you want to be around the front, it is probably best not to leave it too late. Enjoy the show. Emma

  21. Lucian says:

    Hello there ! Thsnk you so much for the article ,but i have some questions for you if that is alright..
    1)This year ,is BLACKPINK going to perform the first at 2 pm and how much will their concert last,since they are the headliners?and will there be other performances than only theirs?(its my first time so thats why i am asking)
    2)I really have troubles at choosing the right ticket,which one should i take …the gold circle one (which i think is the best, i dont know…,like you still get near the stage ),or the VIP Diamond view,which is kinda expenisve.
    3)I am 16 ,so do you know if i can puchase the ticket and go by myself at the venue?
    4) Is the gold circle crowded?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH and i hope you will answer me.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Lucian. As Black Pink are the headliners they’ll be on towards the end of the day. Times have not been announced yet but I imagine it will be around 8pm ish. There will be some support acts but they have not been announced yet. Keep an eye on the BST site for more info.

      Re tickets, it looks like gold and diamond both have an area in front of the stage. However, in the past the layout has changed at the last minute so hopefully that won’t happen again but you never know. Diamond comes with access to the summer garden so you need to weigh up if it is worth the extra cost. I’d recommend going for the best you can afford but don’t overspend.

      It looks like those under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult so you should be ok.

      Enjoy the show, Emma

  22. Emma says:

    Hi – thanks for the useful post. We are going this year and looking at accommodation within walking distance to Hyde park. Last time
    I stayed north of the park and that’s where the man exit point seemed to be. But do you knowing you can also exit from the south of the park as that would mean we could look at options near Kensington. Thanks in advance!

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Emma (great name!). The event map for this year doesn’t seem to have been released yet so no details of the exits. It was a a few years since I last went but I’m sure I left via the south/west side. Ended up Knightsbridge way. So sure you will be ok Kensington way.

  23. Meg says:

    Hi! I would LOVE to see Pink next year… I am considering taking my 7 year old daughter with me. Happy to pay a bit more than standard general entrance but do you think that a 7 year old would cope with the day?! I don’t want it to be a bad experience for her… Also wondering about best area (no complimentary fizz required for her!!) and possibly will need a hotel for the night too! Thanks

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Meg, I’ve not got kids so a little hard to say but I think it would probably be a bit much for a 7 year old. It is very big, crowded and probably a bit difficult to even see the screens for a 7 year old, particularly if in the general admission area. Would be quite a long day too. If you really want to go and see Pink, I’d look at one of her stadium shows, at least that way you can buy a seat so you are guaranteed somewhere to sit and it should make it a bit easier to see the screens.

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Lindsay, thanks for your kind words. If I remember correctly, when I had a diamond ticket a few years back the entrance was the summer garden side. Hopefully. they’ll release a more detailed plan nearer the time. The entrances are always very clearly signposted once there too. Enjoy whatever show you are attending.

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Emma! In order to get to the front of the General Admission section do you have any tips? Do you have to watch all the supporting acts to secure your place at the front?

      • emmaonline says:

        Hi Sofia, yes if you want to get to the front of GA then you’d likely have to get there early and watch all the acts. if you are with someone (or make friends with the people around you) you can go off for refreshments etc with someone saving your spot. Enjoy the show. Emma

  24. Jill says:

    Great article! I have golden circle for take that next year. Does the golden circle have its own separate toilets or are they just with the general admission. I don’t have the Hydeaway golden circle just standard. Thank you!

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Jill, I think for standard gold circle you have access to the toilets in the main arena (ie same as the GA area). Enjoy the show & see you there! Emma

  25. Julia says:


    I have noticed that there are Primary Entry – Launch tickets and Primary Entry – Tier 2 tickets for Blackpink next year. Do you know what the difference between the 2 tickets types are as there is a £10 difference. Thank you!

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Julia I had a look and there didn’t appear to be any difference so may be just different allocations. I suggest giving Ticketmaster a call, they might have more information.
      Good luck get tix and enjoy the show!

  26. Stephen says:

    Great write up thank you. How busy was it on the diamond section please? Is there room to sit on the grass between acts or is it as packed as the GA is by the front?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Stephen. I think it depends on the set up. When I was diamond for Robbie the whole of the front area was Diamond if I remember correctly. I didn’t go into the area until late and while it was full I didn’t feel it was too packed. I notice for next year’s shows so far they have split the front area so both Diamond and Gold are at the front so will probably be a bit different. If you are diamond you have the options of the summer garden to go and sit/get a drink between acts. Plenty of people were doing that when I was there. Emma

  27. Rebecca says:

    Hi Emma such a useful post – thanks!
    Do you have any idea which entrance is the best for primary entrance?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Rebecca, I would say it depends on how you arrive? If coming on central line then there is an entrance the Marble Arch end of Hyde Park (North). If you arrive via Green Park/Hyde Park Corner/Victoria etc there are two entrances that end of Hyde Park (South & West). Enjoy the show!

  28. Claire says:

    Once the gates open at 2pm , how long will it take to get in? We have tickets for Adele so as long as we are in before 8 that’s fine. What time would you recommend arriving?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Claire, it really depends on if you want to see the support acts and how close you want to try to get to the front. It can be a long day though, especially if you get there early so keep in that in mind. Enjoy the show.

  29. Mike says:

    This has been so helpful, thanks.
    Have Diamond tickets for Sunday to see the Rolling Stones and was in general admission last Saturday for them.
    This will be my 3rd Stones concert at Hyde Park.
    Once again a big thanks.

  30. Amy says:

    This is super helpful thanks so much! Do you know if you can arrive at anytime? I’m 6 months pregnant and didn’t realise that you can’t take any seating in so will struggle to last all day but would still like to go for the evening… Do you think they still let people in around 6pm?

  31. Paul says:

    We have VIP terrace tickets and it looks like it’s next to the gold circle area. Do you know if you can access both or are limited to the terrace ?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Paul, I’m not sure as I’ve never had terrace tickets. It looks like they give you access to a partially covered grandstand. Should be a great view! Maybe worth dropping them a tweet for more info on what access the ticket includes.

  32. Heidi says:

    Your info has been really helpful.
    I’m also going to Adele on July 1st. Do they publish a list of artists and their playing order before the event ? Do they send it direct to ticket holders or is it published somewhere ? How far in advance ? I’m just not sure I can get there till late afternoon and obviously don’t want to miss Adele !

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Heidi, keep an eye on their social media channels, they usually publish times in the run up to the shows. I’d expect the main act to be on between 8-9pm though. Enjoy Adele.

      • Deborah says:

        Hi Emma – so the daughter and I are coming to see Adele on Friday. It says the concert starts at 2pm. Do you reckon Adele won’t come on until much later, more like 8pm??

        • emmaonline says:

          Hi Deborah, yes much later. Headline acts are usually on around 8pm ish. I believe Adele is due on at 8.20pm but check the BST app for confirmation. Enjoy the show.

  33. Joe says:

    Hi Emma

    We have the VIP terrace tickets which are more expensive than the Diamond View and both have access to the summer garden. Do you know if we will be able to alternate between the terrace and the diamond view or are they sectioned off from each other?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Joe, when I last went (which was a couple of years ago now), I think they were sectioned off. Is it the All VIP Terrace you have tickets for? That’s the tiered standing grandstand so you should have a great view from there.

    • emmaonline says:

      Thanks Julie. Obviously, it was pre pandemic when I last went to BST but I would imagine it would be set up mostly the same. Are you going to any of the shows this summer?

  34. vivianne says:

    I am making my travel arrangements to see Adele on the 1st. Do you know if the main act of the day is always the last one that finishes at 10:30?

    • emmaonline says:

      Hi Vivianne, yes when I’ve been to BST the main act is always the last one. Enjoy Adele, think it will be a great show! Emma

      • Emma says:

        Hi Emma, found this site so helpful. Thank you.
        I’m coming to see Duran Duran on Sunday. My ticket is a primary entry and my friends is a general admission,, she’s also in a wheelchair but is able to stand. Can you advise the best way we can have a relaxed day where she can sit in the chair, not too worried about getting in earlier than her.
        Thank you. Emma

        • emmaonline says:

          Hi Emma (great name!).

          I would probably get there a little after doors open so you can avoid the stress of the main queues/crowd getting in. Plus although you have different tickets, they might let you use the same entrance then. There is usually a box office/information desk somewhere outside so perhaps ask them. That would save having to try meet up in the crowds inside. If you do you have go in separate entrances, be very clear on where to meet. It is likely to be very crowded inside and phone signal might be a bit patchy.

          How early you should aim to get there depends on whether you want to see the support acts and how close to the front you want to be really. Once in maybe aim for the sides of the arena area. I always think people tend to head straight down the middle so often you can find pockets of space around the sides that give a great view.

          Also, it’s going to be super hot this weekend so keep that in mind as it can be a very long day at the best of times. In this heat, it might be best to find a spot near the middle or back and take it easy while watching on the screens with a cool drink.

          Enjoy the show! I think it is going to be a great night!

    • emmaonline says:

      Yes, it’s such a good day out. Shame it’s been cancelled again this year. Fingers crossed for 2022.

      • Fong says:

        Hi, your post is really helpful. I’ve never been to this festival but am taking my 15 year old to eagles concert . May I know if the entrance is open at 2pm, what time exactly is the stage performance by the band. I am aware there is no readmission. I am just wondering what to do there from 2pm to 1030pm? I got us vip hideaway tickets.

        • emmaonline says:

          Hi Fong, if you check the BST app the stage times should be detailed in there. There will be support acts playing throughout the afternoon so there will be plenty to keep you entertained. Enjoy the show!

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