8 photos to inspire you to visit Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park

Torc Waterfall is a highlight of a visit to Killarney National Park.
Here are some photos to show why you can’t miss it on a trip to Ireland.

It’s always a fine line between taking too many photos and not living in the moment when visiting new places but sometimes the scenery is just too beautiful not to keep snapping away.

So as I took way too many photos during my trip to Killarney in the south west of Ireland, far too many to share in a travel diary post, I thought I’d share some more via a few ‘In Pictures’ type posts. So look out over the next week or so for photo stories of The Gap of Dunloe and Muckross Abbey.

First up is the stunning Torc Waterfall. If you every visit Killarney National Park make sure this is at the top of your list of things to do. Hopefully, the photos below will show you why…

How to get to Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park

Just outside Killarney, Torc Waterfall sits at the base of Torc Mountain in the Killarney National Park. There are a number of ways to reach the waterfall including via some scenic hikes. However, if that is not your thing there is a car park around 200 meters from the waterfall. Whatever route you take to the waterfall, it is well worth the visit. We parked at a second carpark higher up and had a 10/15 minute gentle walk down to the waterfall.

As we arrived late in the evening we were pretty much the only ones there, just a few other people wandering around, so could really take it all in. I imagine it can get quite busy, particularly in the summer months, so pick your time to visit carefully.

Torc Waterfall in Pictures

Hike to Torc Waterfall through forest
Start of the path to Torc Waterfall
Scenic view of lake
There a few spots on the walk we took the waterfall where you get some nice views of the lake
View over lake on way to Torc Waterfall
Taking in the view of the lake
Steps down to Torc Waterfall
Steps down to the waterfall, you can just about make it out at the bottom
Torc Waterfall
Well worth the walk!
Looking back at Torc Waterfall
Looking back at Torc Waterfall
Tree down on the bank of river by Torc Waterfall
Just slightly down from the waterfall, looks like some bad weather or a storm has taken it’s toll
Downstream of the Torc Waterfall
A little downstream from the waterfall

So that’s Torc Waterfall in pictures. Hopefully, that has inspired you to put it on your travel wish list. Visit my Killarney travel diary for more places to visit or my photo diaries on Muckross Abbey and the Gap of Dunloe for more photos to inspire a trip to Killarney.

Visit the Killarney National Park site for more information on Torc Waterfall.

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