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Combining travel while seeing your favourite band or supporting your sports team is a great way to see the world. You get to visit places you may not have considered visiting, experience different cultures, make new friends with similar interests, all while doing something you are passionate about. 

It could be the trip of a lifetime seeing your team lift a World Cup or your favourite band play an iconic venue.  You can build a holiday around an event or just drop in and out for the show or match. Whatever you choose it will be an experience to remember.

Many of my trips are arranged around concerts, festivals or sporting events. Sometimes I’ve just happened to have been in a city when an event is taking place. Either way, going to an event adds an extra dimension to your trip. You get to hang out with locals, experience different arenas or iconic venues and have a memorable trip.

So what are the best type of events to travel for?

Music travel – explore the world via concerts and festivals

Take That performing in Italy
Take That performing in Rome, Italy 2019

I’ve travelled far and wide for concerts for as long as I can remember. Partly as one show on a tour is never enough and mainly as it gave me an extra incentive to get out there & see the world. 

Firstly, it was travelling around the UK. I think we are probably all a little guilty of not exploring what is on our doorstep. There are many places across the UK that I would not have visited if it wasn’t for a concert. 

Then it was further afield… Europe, Asia, USA, Australia, New Zealand.  Getting to explore new places is all part of the fun.

Even if I haven’t travelled specifically for a concert, I always have a look to see what shows are on when I book a trip or arrive in a new city. You never know how lucky you might be.  Two that stick out in my mind are Madonna in Toronto and a free Stevie Wonder concert in Washington. Both amazing experiences.

Sport travel – become a sports tourist

view of fans watching a cricket match in Perth Australia
Watch England lose the Ashes in Perth, Australia, 2006

Sport tourism is big business. Travelling the length of the country to support a favourite team is nothing new but with travel becoming more & more accessible many fans are going that extra mile. Football & Rugby World Cups, Cricket tours, the Formula One season, the Tennis circuit. Almost every sport has an overseas event you can travel too and build a holiday around. 

It’s not just watching sport either, travelling to participate is another way to travel the world while following a passion. Be it running a marathon in New York City or playing a round of golf at St Andrews in Scotland. Whatever sport you play you are sure to find an opportunity in a new country or city.

By chance, I’ve managed to catch the Australia Open and Australian Grand Prix while on trips to Australia and a football match in Toronto.  It is always worth looking to see if any sporting events coincide with your trip. It doesn’t need to be a major final either. A local football game or cricket match gives you a great local insight into the place you are visiting.

Seasonal travel – spend the holiday season overseas

Christmas tree outside The Rocks Centre, Sydney, Australia
Christmas in Sydney, 2002

Christmas in New York City, New Year’s Eve in Sydney, cherry blossoms in Japan. Planning a trip or holiday around a cultural event or seasonal holiday can make your trip extra memorable.

You get to experience how other cultures celebrate. Christmas on a beach or a warm New Year’s Eve in Australia is a novelty for those of us used to a UK winter. 

Planning trips around the holiday season often means you need to take less leave. For those of us with limited holidays, it means you have an extra few days for your travels.

Another advantage of going away over the holiday period is that it takes you away from all the stresses of a Christmas or New Year’s Eve – there is always one point every holiday season when you just wish it was all over or is that just me. While I can’t guarantee you’ll escape all the Christmas songs in the shops it might make them a little more bearable.

Perhaps best of all, it means you don’t have to cook!

What events have you travelled far and wide (or maybe just down the road) for?  I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below. 

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